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For almost 20 years now 2ndhandSmoking has been bringing you the best Smoking Fetish Media. I’ve seen a lot of sites come and go, but the dedicated producers like SmokingErotica, SmokingModels, and SmokeSignals have managed to stand the test of time. However times have changed a lot and what I see now is too many low life Talentless Douche Bags stripping off Copyright Watermarks and/or URL’s from Media Producers Original Copyright work and re-posting it as their own. I see this all the time on Youtube… including my own work which is stolen over and over. I am a Photographer myself and I PAY MODELS OUT OF MY POCKET so that I can post images for free. Models do NOT work for Free. And what I get in return is my work is stolen? That’s pure bullshit. Producing content takes time, effort, and MONEY! I will not knowing link out to any content, or list site, or TGP site, or similar that is stealing the work of others. Google is complicit in the theft and they also profit from it… but you have to lick their collective ball sack or they will ban your site. So the only way I can stop it is to not link to it.

Yes there is a lot of “Free” Smoking Fetish Photos and Videos out there these days with Social Media sites like Twitter, and Reddit, and Instagram, and Facebook, and and and… make it easy to re-post. But it doesn’t help anyone to steal the work of the people creating the content you enjoy. Kill the producer and all you have left is the same old 20 year old photos kicking around. If you can’t pay for it… then enjoy the free samples, but don’t be a douche and steal them to re-post as if it was your creative work. Photography and Videography are art forms and artists need to be paid… do you work for free?

Disclaimer: Federal Law now requires that Site Owners disclose financial relationships when products and services are “reviewed” or recommended within links. We have very few of these relationships, but they do exist. If you don’t want us to be compensated in any way for material sold… then how can I put this politely… I can’t… just fuck off and get the hell off the site. The countless hours invested into this site has been an effort based on passion, not profit. And if you don’t like that I don’t want you here… that simple.

The rest of the material on this page is just a bunch of text to make it look pretty. No one gives a fuck… right? Of course I’m right. I doubt anyone reads this… because what you really want is pictures and videos and links to the good smoking sites. So stop reading and start clicking.

The Smoking Fetish – Watching Beautiful Girls Smoke Cigarettes

Soon those with the smoking fetish realized they were not alone there were many like them who enjoyed the site of a beautiful woman lighting up a cigarette and exhaling plumes of smoke. The smoking fetish was not born because of the internet, it simply evolved. The originators of smoking fetish online are still practicing their trade for a small but enthusiastic community. In our opinion some of the early adopters are still stronger and better than ever.

Unfortunately with any good thing comes the bad… the opportunists who while not part of the community per se were ready to cash in on the growth. Unfortunately (In our view) these people just don’t “get it”. Placing a cigarette in the hand of a model and having her pose is not the same as placing a cigarette in the hand of a Real Life Smoker and then filming her doing what she does naturally are two completely different things.

Most of the Porn Companies who were just trying to cash in on the smoking fetish niche failed, as the community has a standard of material they seek. And if you do not deliver REAL Smoking Models who actually smoke and not “pretend smoke” you will fail… and fail quickly.

We “Get it” – 2ndhandSmoking is all about IRL Smoking Fetish MaterialAt 2ndhandSmoking we understand the thrill and excitement of girls smoking cigarettes. We get it. We know what kind of material people want to see and we strive to work with the best photographers and publishers who can deliver what the true smoking fetish connoisseur wants. Along the way we have introduced some of our own materials, but due to the real world economics of creating content and distributing that content in a model that can self sustain our own efforts are on again off again.

Some in the community understand the costs of creating quality material and support companies like IRL, Random Snaps, Mike at Lady Madonna, Co-Light, Specialized Videos, and the newer smoking sweeties to name a few. The only real commercial projects that were enthusiastically endorse are those by James in the UK with his suite of sites based on British Glamour Models – more specifically smoky mouths, elegant smoking, smoking domination, etc.

We hope you enjoy visiting our site and choose to book mark 2ndhandSmoking as a reference for your own viewing pleasure. We’ve integrated as many free galleries and photos as we can. We have not ever and will not ever intentionally display the work of photographers without their permission.

Over the next decade we expect more laws to be enacted making it more and more difficult for people who are into smoking fetish to enjoy their unique “hobby” in public. This is both a good and a bad thing for like most producers of smoking video and smoking pictures we appreciate the models, but fully understand the inherent risks of smoking. I do not know of any producer that truly condones the act of smoking, but does it for the pure beauty of the smoke being released by a model smoking.

People choose to smoke so we choose to photograph and capture the imagery. 2ndhandSmoking is about the art of smoking not the health of smoking. So please if it’s not your thing… we understand, but leave us alone.

Smoking is an adult activity done by consensual adults. Smoking Fetish is part of the consensual adult world and as such we reserve the right to cater to this community within the law. Again we hope you have enjoyed visiting 2ndhandSmoking and we look forward to another decade of providing the best in smoking fetish imagery.