Yahoo Smoking Fetish Clubs

Decided to just list Yahoo Clubs and remove the links because so few people were visiting the pages and the links kept going dead.

Notes: Yahoo Clubs require membership (Takes about 5 minutes to sign up and it’s free – just click on any link below to get started). These Clubs come and go frequently based on the person who started them. Most are simply collections of photographs lifted from other peoples sites. We list them because they are not commercial in nature (thus free advertising for those sites) and once in a while you will find a smoking fetish gem! Good luck!

A to Z Smokers Fetish
Abigail Smokes
Adult Film Stars Smoking
Ace’s Smoking Girls
Beautiful Smokin Babes
Big Brother Smoking
Blow Smoke In My Face
Caryn’s Sexy Smoke Video
Celeste Is Smokin
Cigarette Butt Fetish
Cigarette Holder Pics Exch
Cigarette Holder Users
Cigar Dominatrix
Cigar Smoking Blowjobs
Cigars and Sex
Corvus Smoking Babes
Don’s Awsm Exhale Pics
Ebony Smokers
Girls Smoking Newport 100s
Hard Core and Smoking
Holder Mistress
Holy Smokin BJ’s
Karen’s Smoking Site
Latex & Leather Smokers
Leather & Smoking Fashion
Lovely Cigar Women
Lovely Nose Exhales
Lovely Smoking Women USA
Male Ashtrays and Torture
Mercedes Smoking Lounge
Nostril Exhales Plus
Lawty Angel
Oral Smoking
Pics Wmn Smkng @ parties
Pipe Erotica
Sexy Dangles
Sexy Smokers
Sexy Smoking
Simba’s Smoking Den
Smokers’ Heaven
Smoking Adult Stars
Smoking BBW Giving BJ’s
Smoking Glamour 2
Smoking Glamour 4
Smoking Gloves
Smoking Goths
Smoking Greys 8th Wonder
Smoking Grey’s 5 Alive
Smoking Grey’s heaven
Smokinng Grey’s Cloud 9
Smoking Grey’s Heaven 4
Smoking Grey’s Heaven 11
Smoking Grey’s 2 heaven
Smoking Grey’s 7 Heaven
Smoking Grey’s 10 of 10
Smoking Grey 3rd Heaven
Smoking Grey’s 12
Smoking Naked Hotties
Smoking Times
Smoking Video Trade
Suzy Smoke
Temple Menthol Goddess
Teen Girls Smoking Cigars
Virginia’s Smoking Lounge
Womens’ Cigarette Lovers
Women Smoking

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