The Luckiest Night

(The Most Erotic As Well)

A True Story (Per Author)

I’ve wrote several stories on the subject of smoking while having sex and most
are fiction, fantasies that I would love to make come true. While the stories
all contain some truth, they are not entirely accurate. The story that I am
about to tell is completely a true one and was one of the most erotic nights I
have ever spent with a woman. If you enjoy this tale and I know you will, feel
free to email me with any comments.

I was out with a friend of mine one evening and we went to a small sports bar &
grill located a few blocks from where he lived with his room-mate. We sat and
talked as we drank some beers and watched the seemingly endless flow of young
college girls come and go. After an hour or so a couple of girls came through
the door and sat at a table across the room from us. The two girls looked to be
in their low 20’s and both had great bodies. One was a blonde and one was
brunette and we kept checking them out as we continued to drink our beers and
after a few more we got the courage up to approach them. We bought them both one
of what they were drinking and they invited us to sit with them. The evening
progressed great and in no time at all we were talking like lifetime friends.
The Brunettes name was Marsha, and the blondes was Elaine. We continued to drink
for several hours. I found myself very attracted to Marsha the brunette and
tried to talk to her exclusively. She was around 5’ 10” with a very nice figure
and looked to weigh roughly 145 pounds. Her hair was extremely dark and way over
waist length and was very silky. I watched as she lit a cigarette and deeply
inhaled her first drag and was mesmerized by her. Dwayne, My friend, got up to
go to the restroom and signaled for me to come with him. I got up and we both
excused ourselves and headed toward the area where the washrooms were located.
Inside the restroom Dwayne asked me if I minded taking the brunette because he
preferred women that didn’t smoke. I grudgingly said I guess I could as I
secretly was overjoyed at being able to maybe score with the very sensual
smoking goddess. We returned to the table where the girls were whispering and
laughing as we approached. Dwayne asked Elaine if she wanted to play some music
on the jukebox and they both headed off toward the corner where it sat. I sat
there in silence for a few moments and just as I was about to speak, Marsha
said, “So, you have a fetish for women that smoke?” I was astounded and looked
at her like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming truck.

Marsha giggled a little and moved to sit in the chair closest to me and
proceeded to explain that she could tell by the way that I stared at her as she
smoked that I had a major fetish of watching women smoke. I stammered out an
apology and she said, “Don’t be sorry, it is very flattering and if you enjoy
it, let me help your night be more pleasurable.”

With that said she took out another cigarette and lit it and drew strongly on
it, and pulled it from her lips and snapped the smoke open mouthed into her
lungs. She looked me square in the eyes and exhaled the smoke in a thick cloud
right toward my face. I closed my eyes and moaned softly as the smoke encircled
my head and my cock began to twitch in my pants. When I re-opened my eyes,
Marsha was leaning closer to me, She took another long draw on her cigarette and
did a very sensual French inhale that really made her look very sultry. I
watched in a trance as she exhaled again in my direction and slid her chair even
closer to mine. She was sitting right beside me now and she let her hand slide
down to my leg and up a little as she took another drag and inhaled before
leaning very close and placing her lips just millimeters from mine and slowly
exhaling. I breathed in as she exhaled and the smoke entering my mouth caused me
to cough a little, but I didn’t pull away. As she exhaled even more smoke right
into my face, my cock grew bigger under her hand. She looked at me and said,
“My, my, this is really getting your aroused.” I then closed the gap between our
lips and as I placed mine upon hers she exhaled the last of the smoke in her
lungs right into my mouth. I leaned back and exhaled and looked at her as I
explained that I have always wanted to be seduced in just the way that she was
doing it.

She asked me if that is what I thought she was doing, seducing me, and I nodded
my head yes. We talked some more as she continued to smoke and exhale in many
different ways in my direction, the most sensual being when she did the French
Inhales and leaned in to kiss me as she was just finishing exhaling. She said
that she loved smoking and that she had even smoked during sex with some guys.
She then said, “That doesn’t mean that we are going to have sex tonite!” I
looked at her astonishingly and said, “I never assumed we were.” She then
explained that she was just coming out of a long relationship and she just
wanted to have a fun night out. I promised to be a proper gentleman until she
gave me the OK to go any further. She smiled at that and said, “I’ve never known
a guy that could be a proper gentleman after a night of drinking.” I told her
that I could hold my liquor and she said, “I can hold my licker to, by his
ears!” I laughed and said, “Now who is being naughty?”

Dwayne and Elaine returned to the table and sat down and we all talked and drank
for a while longer. Marsha never did kiss me again as we chatted but she smoked
the whole time and look so very sexy while doing it. She rubbed my leg and felt
my extremely aroused cock throb each time she exhaled as we laughed and got to
know each other better. Last call came around and Elaine suggested that we all
head over to their place for some nightcaps and Marsha popped up and said,
“That’s a great idea.” I had driven my van to the club but Dwayne figured he’d
better drive to their place, which was only a couple blocks over. I agreed and
me and Marsha got in the back of the van as he and Elaine got into the front
seats. We headed out of the parking lot and Marsha immediately lit up another
cigarette and I saw the tip flare brightly as she took a drag. It was very dark
and I could not see as she exhaled, but I was not disappointed, because suddenly
she locked her lips to mine and exhaled very strongly and my mouth was filled
with warm acrid cigarette smoke. I embraced her and kept our lips locked tightly
together as she thrust her tongue into my now smoke filled mouth and French
kissed me passionately.

The kiss ended and she stayed in my embrace and continued to smoke as she rubbed
my very erect cock through my jeans. I loved the feel of her hand caressing my
cock and leaned in and breathed heavily into her ear as I kissed and nibbled the
lobe. She moaned softly as we made out for a few minutes more. We then felt the
van come to a stop and realized we had arrived at her apartment complex, but
that Dwayne and Elaine had yet to exit the van. We looked forward and in the low
light from a nearby street light we saw that Elaine had leaned forward across
the gap in the seats of the van and taken out Dwayne’s cock and her head was
bobbing up and down, obliviously giving him a blow job.

I looked at Marsha and she said, “I’m not ready to go that far, and I will
understand if you don’t want to come up.” I kissed her softly and said, “Listen,
can we do some more smoky kisses and caress one another?” She replied, “I would
very much like that!” I then opened the van door and helped her out and we
walked hand in hand up to her apartment door as Dwayne let Elaine continue her
oral attack on his now hard cock. She opened the door and we went inside and sat
on the couch and kissed passionately for about 30 minutes before the front door
opened and Elaine and Dwayne came in and headed straight upstairs leaving us
alone and in each others arms. Marsha said, “I bet you wish you would have gone
for Elaine now?” I looked deep into her eyes and told her the truth. I said,
“Marsha, when me and Dwayne went to the restroom, he asked if I minded taking
you, I wanted nothing more than to be able to kiss your sensual lips. So when he
suggested I try for you I jumped at the chance and I do not regret it one bit.”
She held me tighter and said, “But if you had Elaine you would have already
gotten a hot blow-job and would be getting ready for some hot sex.”

I kissed her passionately before pulling away and saying, “Just hush! Keep
giving me smoky kisses and I will forever be pleased.” She moved to get a
cigarette and lit it and filled her lungs to the fullest before grabbing my head
and pulling our faces together and locking her lips to mine as she exhaled the
heaviest cloud of smoke of the night directly into my mouth as our tongues
battled like to writhing snakes in each others mouth. My prick was so very hard
at this point that I was afraid that it would burst through the zipper of my
pants as Marsha continued to caress it. She felt its size through my pants and
said, “Am I making it uncomfortable for you?” I told her that it was fine that
it was just because she was so damned sexy and that I could handle it. She then
asked, “Wanna unzip and let it out?” I responded and said, “It would help a
little if it had more room.” She then proceeded to unzip and unbuckle my pants
and then she moved over and turned down the lights and quickly moved back to lay
her hot body against my chest and kiss me eagerly. She then asked, “Is this
better?” as she moved her hand down and into the tops of my briefs and started
to caress my rigid manhood. She kissed me even more eagerly as she continued
stroking my cock and moaning softly into my mouth. I pulled back from the kiss
and said, “Marsha, you don’t have to do this…” When she kissed me and said, “
Shhhhsh…it’s just some friendly foreplay, we can play some but I don’t want to
go all the way this time.” I was thrilled to know that I would be getting a
second date with this lovely woman and pull her to me and passionately kissed
her as she resumed her stroking of my hard cock. She lit another cigarette and
proceeded to give me smoky kiss after smoky kiss as she increased her grip and
sped up the caressing of my thick and hard shaft.

I kissed Marsha more and more vigorously as she stroked my prick faster and
faster and just when I thought I was about to go over the edge and explode in
her soft hand, she let go of my cock and sat back and as she breaths hard she
asked, “Can you stand and take off your pants and underwear?” I didn’t need to
be asked twice, I jumped up and quickly removed pants and briefs and sat back
down on the couch in nothing but my socks, shoes and a shirt. Marsha unbuttoned
my shirt and spread it apart and started kissing me on my chest as she let her
hand move back down to rest on my cock. The cock that was at this point
throbbing wildly as she sucked and bit each of my nipples while her hand
expertly jacked me off. She moved up and nibbled on my ear and whispered, “We’re
still not going all the way, but I promise that you will be very much pleased.”
I moaned in her ear, “I have no doubt about that!”

I kissed her savagely as she moved her hand down lower and caressed my very
large and cum laden balls as her tongue once again explored my oral cavity like
a snake wriggling in its den. She pulled back from the kiss and took her
cigarette up in her free hand and brought it to her lips and drew heavily upon
it before moving her face so close that our lips brushed ever so softly. She
then exhaled heavily and said, “Does this make you hot, does the soft smoking
flowing across my lips to mingle around your face make you want to explode into
my hand?” I moaned loudly, “OHHHHH YESSSSS!!!!! I want to cum so bad, I want to
cum as you force more and more smoke from your lungs into my mouth and down into
my lungs!” She then took another drag and French Inhaled, then placing the
cigarette back to her lips she takes yet another drag and this time she snapped
the smoke open-mouthed down into her lungs. I am further amazed as she drags one
last time on the cigarette but instead of inhaling she quickly locked her lips
to mine in a very passionate French kiss as he breathed out the tremendous
amount of smoke into my mouth where I have no choice but to inhale. She pulled
hard on my shaft and moaned low in her throat as the smoke escaped her body and
flowed into mine and that’s all it took to bring me over. My cock throbbed
wildly in her hand as my hot creamy sperm traveled up the length of it and
exploded forcefully into the air to land on my stomach and chest. She moaned
even louder as my cum flowed out in many large spurts and ran down the sides of
my shaft to coat her still pumping hand. The Smoky kiss lasted for many more
minutes as my cock completely emptied the contents of my balls onto my stomach
and all over her hand. Finally she broke our kiss and sat back and looked down
at my now softening cock as I exhaled all the smoke that she had breathed into
my body and sagged into her body. She brought her hand up to her lips and gave
one finger a little taste and moaned and closed her eyes as I sat there in a
tremendous afterglow. She then proceeded to clean me up using some paper towels
that happened to be on the coffee table and then she helped me on with my
clothes. She kissed me sensuously and asked me if I was disappointed.

I said, “Marsha, that was the hottest experience of my entire life,
disappointed? NO! Drained YES!” She then took a draw on her cigarette and kissed
me once again exhaling into my mouth. My cock stirred again and we continued
kissing until Dwayne and Elaine came back down the stairs with a very noticeable
just fucked look about both of them. Dwayne asked if we had been sitting there
talking the whole time and I responded by saying, “Yep, Marsha is a fantastic
woman.” He laughed and headed toward the door as Elaine showed him to the van.
Marsha kissed me and said, “My Gentleman, Thank You!” I then told her about how
I write erotic fantasies about the smoking fetish and post them on a sight. She
asked, “Are you going to write a story about tonite?” I asked her if it would be
OK and she said, “Sure, Just no last names please.” She walked me to the van and
we exchanged phone numbers and then we kissed one last time I got in the van and
Dwayne started the engine and we pulled out of the parking lot and headed home.
He talked all the way home about how he and Elaine fucked like rabbits and when
he asked if I got lucky, I Stated, “Tonite was the luckiest night of my life!!!”
He shook his head and said, “I don’t get it, you only kissed Marsha a few times
and you call it the luckiest night of your life?” I said that Marsha said that
she wanted to see me again. Marsha my dear, if your are reading this…and I know
your are…I can’t wait to see you again.

The End…for now

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