The Hitchhiker

I was driving home one night from a late night business meeting in the next
county. I had been driving for quite some time when I came around a bend in the
road and almost ran right over a very beautiful young lady just standing there
in the middle of the road. I brake hard and come to a stop just inches from her.
She was dressed in a dark colored small dress that was a bit short and just
barely reached to the uppermost part of her thighs. It had small shoulder straps
and was clinging to her curvaceous body. She moved from in front of my car and
made her way to the passenger door, she knocks and I hesitate a few seconds
before I reach up and press the button that unlocks the door. She quickly opens
the door and sits down as she asks me if I would give her a ride into town. She
looks very harmless and tell her that I will. She gets all the way into the car
and I notice that she is barefoot. She says her name is Shannon and I giver her
my name. We talk for a bit as we continue down the very dark highway and after
about thirty minutes she asks me if she can smoke a cigarette. I tell her that I
prefer that people do not smoke in my car and she just laughs and proceeds to
light up her cig anyway. I try to protest only to have smoke blown into my face.
She again laughs as she continues to deeply draw on the cigarette and blow the
smoke at me. To my surprise I find myself becoming very aroused and I think that
she notices to. She then takes a very deep and drag and leaning over she exhales
right into my face as she places her lips to mine and I get the last bit of
smoke in my mouth. I cough a little and before I can recover she again places
her lips to mine as she exhales an even greater amount of the acrid smoke. I
have no choice but to take the smoke and inhale and try to remain on the
highway. She breaks our kiss and sits back and quietly smokes her cigarette as
we proceed down the road. I am in total shock and do nothing but sit there and
drive. She finally speaks and I am again shocked by her words.

She asks me if I would like to pull over and play a bit and I look at her
questionably as she stares deep into my eyes waiting for an answer. I am really
aroused by her already and quickly pull down a dark deserted dirt road and stop.
She gets out of the car and walks around to sit on the hood as I to exit the
vehicle and join her. She looks so hot sitting on the hood of my car with her
sexy legs crossed and smoking another cigarette. I move closer to her as she
takes a drag and I then smash my lips on hers, she exhales and I inhale and the
smoke quickly travels from her lungs to enter my mouth and travel down to mine.
She moans a little and I reach up to caress her ample breasts through her thin
dress. After several minutes of this making out and caressing I slowly reach up
with both hands and pull her dress up and off her in one swift motion. She
giggles a little as her body is exposed to the night air and I quickly notice
that she has on no panties or bra. Her nipples become instantly stiff and I
lower my head and take each in my mouth to nibble and suckle as she smokes her
cigarette and moans in pleasure. She then pushes me back off her luscious tits
and slides off the hood of my car spinning me around and pushing me back to lean
against the vehicle. She then leans in close and places her whole body against
mine as she lights another cigarette and kisses me yet again as she exhales. I
find this totally stimulating and realize that my cock is very erect in the
confines of my pants and underwear. She then slowly moves down to her knees in
front of me as she unbuckles my belt and in no time she has my pants down around
my ankles. She leans in and nuzzles my crotch with her lovely face before
finally fishing inside my underwear and pulling out my very hard cock. It sticks
straight out from my body and bobs in the air in front of her face as she takes
a very long and deep drag on her cigarette and then does a French inhale. She
then grabs my cock and holds it up to her lips as she exhales heavily right onto
the head. I moan loudly as I watch the soft looking white smoke exiting her lips
and flowing around my hard cock. Just as the last bit of smoke exits her mouth
she licks out her tongue and flicks it across the head of my prick. She then
takes another deep and sensual draw, this time doing an open mouth inhale, and
then placing my hard cock into her mouth with the warm smoke. This makes my cock
throb in her mouth and she moans as she starts to slide her lips up and down the
shaft. The smoke that exit’s the corners of her mouth slowly drifts up and I
watch fascinated as she continues her very sexy smoky blowjob. It doesn’t take
long for me to start to move toward my eagerly approaching orgasm and I start
moaning louder as she continues to smoke her cig and my cock at the same time.
Finally I cannot take it any more and as she takes one last very long drag on
the cigarette and then opening her mouth to show me the beautiful curling smoke
in her mouth before wrapping her lips around my cock. I explode, spurting many
large and thick streams of cum into her smoke filled mouth. My orgasm finally
subsides to a trickle as she takes every drop that I have to offer. She then
stands and exhales into my face and the smoke flows all around me as she finally
swallows the large load of sperm that has been deposited onto her tongue. Then
without saying anything else she kisses me and moves back to sit in the
passenger seat of the car as I pull up my pants and head toward the drivers
side. As I get in the car I notice that she has already put her dress back on
and is again smoking another cigarette. I do not protest as I proceed back to
the highway and then resume driving in the direction of the town. She does not
speak until we reach the outskirts of the town and she finally tells me that she
lives at the next house. We pull up in front of her house and she again leans in
and kisses me with one last smoky kiss before quickly exiting and heading toward
her house. She enters the house and when the door closes I get ready to return
to my trip home. I then notice that she left her pack of cigarettes and lighter
in the seat of the car and stop. I take them and go to the door of the house and

It takes a few minutes for someone to answer and when someone finally opens the
door I notice that it is an elderly gentleman. I ask him if Shannon is home and
he looks at me strangely and asks me if this is some kind of a sick joke. I ask
him why he said that he explains that his daughter, Shannon, died 4 years
earlier in a hit and run accident out on the country road where I had picked her
up. I ask to see a picture of her and he shows me one. In it she was wearing the
same dress as she had on this night and he explains that the Polaroid was taken
the same night she died. I apologize for upsetting him and quickly return to my
car where I sat and look at the pack of cigarettes and lighter for a long time
before starting my car and resuming my trip. I drive slowly as I think about the
nights events and quickly come to the conclusion that I had received a ghostly
smoky blow-job from a beautiful troubled spirit.

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