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Austin (The guy that runs this site and Smoking Erotica) has always struck me as a bit “odd”, but he is the REAL DEAL when it comes to Smoking Fetish.  Since his days back in North Carolina to today in Southern California he has always delivered GENUINE SMOKING CONTENT not some model holding a cigarette pretending to smoke, but Real Life Smokers.  As a content producer myself you know your are shooting real content when the girl shows up with a pack of cigarettes to the shoot taps it down and smokes Before your start.  Then lights up again when you are done.  He gets it because he practices his fetish (Yes he’s the guy in the black underware fucking the girls on the Smoking Erotica site).  He also has a fetish for spanking which sometimes appears in his work.

Smoking Models has been around since the late 90’s and continues to find attractive models to film.  The sites may not look all that great on the outside (Very Plain)… but it doesn’t matter.  Why waste time putting up some flashy fancy site?  It doesn’t matter.  What does matter is what you get when you join… real Smoking Fetish.

Austin definitely has a “style” that is repetitive from scene to scene and model to model, but he does a good job of capturing the smoking.  His sites are not about pictures; just video.   Don’t judge the book (Site) by the cover (Webpage) all the effort here is placed into the product.  And yes I have cracked my own wallet over the years to purchase his material.  Is it the very best out there… you be the judge; I can’t make that call for you.  But I can tell you that it’s been worth my money.

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