Smoking Erotica

Models from Smoking Erotica

Models from Smoking Erotica

Smoking Erotica is an adult smoking fetish site that features straight guy-girl fucking (The guy who makes the videos fucks the models, if they will let him), and women masturbating while smoking cigarettes. This site has been around for more than 10 years now and occasionally you’ll see a featured model you’ll recognize form Penthouse or the Adult Film Industry.

We have no idea what the hell they are doing to attract new customers because you can’t really see what the content is like from their website. People who are past customers or have seen the work before tend to buy again. It’s kind of the nature of smoking fetish sites, you find one that makes the content you like and then you revisit as new content is created.

Over the years the website has remained the same… a few links and that’s about it.  For people who have never bought from them before it’s a real crap shoot.  You kind of have to ask yourself what am I buying?

I’ve seen a lot of the models over the years from this site and their Smoking Models Site.  And the models are generally good looking, the video work is pretty good, and they really do smoke.  You’ll see the smoke, the inhales, the exhales.

Basically the producer of this site hires models from known adult modeling agencies in Southern California, he takes them to his apartment/studio where the equipment is set up.  He gets them to smoke, he fucks them when he can, and he films it.  If you like that kind of stuff then this is the site for you.

This is definitely a Video site not a Picture site.

As of our last visit if you want to preview images… still shots of the video you can send an email to an auto responder email address they give on the site.

Honestly based on past experience with this site in comparison to what is also available online I’d rate the site about 7-8 out of 10.  It’s very good for what it is.  Hard for me to say anything more though, I’m not into the fucking part of smoking… I like to watch pretty girls smoke, no dick required for me.

If you are into smoking fetish, dig nude chicks who are good looking and don’t mind spending a few bucks I’d recommend you give the one month membership a shot and go from there.

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