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Caution:  Some of these links are Not Safe for Work (NSFW) and are adult themed.  If you have something against nudity what the fuck are you doing on a Smoking Fetish site?  Seriously… if that’s the case no one is making you stay here… hint hint.

Lets be honest here you already know you can go to Youtube and search for Smoking Fetish and find a ton of censored videos showing people smoking.  So I’m not even going to bother posting the link.  But what you may not know is some of the other sites where you can find smoking pictures.  You can find most of this by yourself if you have the time and know what to look for.  I have a bazillion of these types of links bookmarked, but these are some of the better ones.

Here is the Smoking Models UK Twitter Feed

Here are some Links to Groups about Smoking Fetish on Reddit

Gone Wild Smoking Fetish

Dark Side Smoking Fetish

Smoking Fetish Stories

Smoking Fetish (This is a Picture Thread)

Flickr (These are Photo Links)

Main Smoking Fetish

Smoking Fetish Candid Pictures

Flickr Community Smoking Discussion Thread

500Px (This is a Photographers Community).  There are some really beautifully composed photographs here… but it is not Smoking Fetish Specific… more general.

500Px Smoking Images

The plan is to continue building out this page… but we’ll see how that goes.  Life can get in the way of play.  If you find any of these links broken could you please send an email and let me know.  I do try to fix things these days.  Or if you have a killer smoking site that is related to Social Media let me know so I can link that up too.  Thanks.


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