Smoke Signals Online

Smoke Signals Online has completely revamped their site and have been in this business for 20 Years!  This is not some fly-by-night porn company throwing up a few pictures to try and make a buck.  These guys get it!!!  They understand what REAL SMOKING FETISH content is all about.  Based out of my same home base Las Vegas NV.  This is an American Company.  Smoke Signals Online was the very first online smoking fetish magazine (starting in 1994) and have developed an extremely POSITIVE REPUTATION over the years as they continually deliver new content.  They work with many of the other top producers so you are most likely to find something to suit your tastes.  No other site has the longevity, knowledge and massive amount of content.  Many people have been subscribed to SSO for years!  If you have never joined a site before and want too… this is the place to start.

Here is the deal. There are a lot of membership sites are claiming to offer smoking fetish pictures and videos. Many of these buy big porn outfits who just contract out a bunch of content and throw up a site when never gets updated. These fly-by-night sites have great looking tours (well some of them do anyways) but after a few months they go stale… they never update. I’m sure you have seen them. They also don’t really get what the smoking fetish is all about. They are just porn companies who hire some model to hold a cigarette, pose and, “Pretend” to smoke. It’s pretty disappointing.

If that’s not what you’re looking for then you’re going to like Smoke Signals Online. Why? Because they “get” smoking fetish. They were the first site to come online with smoking fetish material clear back in 1996. We’ve been recommending them for nearly a decade now.

Hey we like the work that is coming out of the UK (Smokey Mouths, Domination, etc), Smoking Sweeties, Tony P’s stuff at Random Snaps, the old Smoke Vision Stuff, Lady Madonna, and Specialized Videos; all the guys who really do “get it”… but none is more established and respected than Smoke Signals Online. In our opinion if you are considering joining a membership site Smoke Signals Online is a great place to get started.

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