Seduced – A Smoking Fetish Story

Here I am on the bed of one of the most gorgeous women models of all time; her
atop me, fucking like animals and all I can think about is her very hot and
young niece.

It all started a few days ago while this woman was once again riding me and I
thought I saw someone out of the corner of my eye. The model was slowly grinding
her hot snatch onto my hard cock as she was caressing her own tits. I watched
her beautiful face contort in all manners of pleasure as she energetically
started going faster and faster. I couldn’t help but reach up and grab her
supple breasts as I thrust my hips upward, driving my stiff cock even deeper
into the depths of her love canal. She quickly reached her peak and went over
the edge, and the spasms that shook through her cunt made my cock feel so good.
I too started moving toward a tremendous orgasm and just as I was about to
explode this sexy super model reaches over and takes a cigarette from her night
stand and lights it. She takes a long sexy drag and then opens mouthed she
inhaled deeply. I watched as the soft white smoke disappeared down her throat
and into her lungs as she leaned forward and locked her lips onto mine as she
exhales. My mouth is filled with the thick acrid smoke as she grinds her cunt
even further down onto my stiff pole. She breaks the kiss and once again she
places the cigarette to her sexy lips and again takes a drag. This time she
exhales into the air as she slides her now very moist pussy downward, thoroughly
impaling her orgasmic body onto my meat spike. This effectively brings me over
the edge and my very aroused cock throbs wildly and erupts. My cum spurts very
forcefully into the deepest crevices of her warm cunt as I thrust again into
her. She locks her mouth onto mine once again in an erotic kiss that sends
another thick cloud of smoke into me. I inhale as she probes the inside of my
oral cavity with her expert tongue and as she breaks the kiss I exhale into her
lovely face. We both slowly subside from our mutual orgasms and fell asleep in
each other’s arms. I slept soundly and woke to an empty bed that had a note on
her pillow. It explained that she had to be at a photo shoot early and that I
could make myself at home. It further explained that her 18-year-old niece
Whitney was staying with her this summer and that I should not be surprised to
see her in and out of the house. I got out of bed and threw on some boxers and a
robe and went into the kitchen to get some juice. I sat at the table and drank
my juice as I read the paper.

Then the kitchen door opens and in walked a very lovely young lady. I introduced
myself and told her about the note that her aunt had left me and she said that
was cool as she made herself a glass of juice and joined me at the table. She
was very pretty and I could not help but look into her dark eyes as we made
small conversation. She had long brown hair and very dark eyes that had a very
sensual look to them. She weighed every bit of 116 pounds and had some very pert
tits that stood up in the tight little tope she was wearing. We talked for a
long time and then we decided to go into the living room where we could relax
and watch some TV. She made a point of walking in front of me and I found myself
watching her tight little ass twitch inside her very tight fitting little
shorts. I made myself comfortable on the couch as she went to the TV and put in
a videocassette.

I asked her what movie we were about to watch and she giggle a little and moved
to sit beside me on the couch. She took the remote and turned on the TV and slid
a little closer to me and said, “I think you will enjoy this movie, it has lots
of action.” I turn toward the screen and to my surprise there was a hot looking
blonde on the screen and she was getting thoroughly fucked by this well-hung
young stud. I looked at Whitney with astonishment on my face and without any
warning she reaches into my robe and grasps my flaccid cock as she kissed me on
my mouth passionately. I pull away from her and she moves onto her knees on the
couch beside me and lays her body across mine. I tell her that this is wrong and
she tells me that it is okay, that she loves older men. I try harder to get away
as she again places her dainty hand onto my now hardening cock. She forcefully
kisses me and I push her back and get up from the couch and move to the chair on
the other side of the room. She sits there a little while pouting and looking at
me as if she were very hurt. I explain that I think she is very attractive and
that I am very flattered that she would even think about me in a sexual way, but
that I was dating her aunt and that it would be wrong. She said that she
understood and she used the remote to turn off the VCR and we sat quietly as we
watched some TV.

After an hour or so she got up and went to the kitchen and returned a few
minutes later with a beer for me and a soda for her. I drank the beer quickly
and she got me another and we resumed watching TV. A few more minutes passed
before either of us spoke. She then asked if I had a light, as she pulled a
cigarette out of her Marlboro lights pack and placed it between her lips. I told
her I did not and she got up and moved toward me and stopped in front of the
coffee table that was next to my chair. She pulled out a drawer and took a
lighter from it and then lit her cigarette. She took a long draw and then looked
right into my eyes as she inhaled deeply and then blew the smoke right into my
face. She then took another draw and this time she French inhaled and as the
smoke curled over her lips I immediately became aroused. She smiled sexily at me
and without any warning she crawled onto my lap and straddled my legs. I tried
to protest only to have her lips locked onto mine as she exhaled into it. I
instinctively reached up and grasp her hair as I returned the kiss. She moaned
softly into my mouth as we passionately kissed for a few more minutes. I pull
away and tell her that this is not a good idea and she takes a long drag on her
cigarette and then blows the smoke into my face. My cock throbs between my legs
and she feels it. She says, “Well that hard prick of yours sure thinks it is a
good idea.” I looked into those sexy eyes of her as she starts grinding her
pelvic area onto my lap. I am only a man and having this young and sexy smoking
girl in my laps finally breaks through the barriers I tried to put up and I
become completely erect. She looks at me and says, “I guess I can take that for
a yes!” My cock becomes so stiff that it sticks straight up through my boxers
and the robe I had on. She reached down and took my stiff member into her little
hands and starts to slowly stroke it. She looks at me and says, “Wow, it is so
big! Look at it, all hard and throbbing and all because I of me and my little ol’
cigarette.” With that said, she takes a deep drag on her cig and leans forward
as she inhales. She aims the head of my cock toward her lips and exhales
heavily. The smoke flows from her lips and curls erotically around my prick and
I moan softly as she finally parts her lips and takes the head between them. She
Slowly takes inch after inch of my cock into her mouth and I lean back as she
continues to blow me.

She proceeds to give me one of the hottest and wettest blowjobs I’ve ever had
and after a few more minutes she slowly removes her mouth from my now very rigid
cock. She licks it a few times as she giggles and says, “I don’t know if I will
be able to get this in my little hole or not.” The sweet way she said it along
with the cute way she giggled made me so very horny and I quickly pulled her up
and locked my mouth on hers in a savage kiss. She moaned loudly into my mouth as
I reached up and grabbed each of her small supple tits. She too was very aroused
as we continued kissing. She quickly removed her small shorts as she moved lower
and kissed and bit on my chest and nipples. I grabbed her head and balled my
fist into her hair and she expertly used her mouth and tongue on my chest. A few
more seconds of this was all I could handle, I pulled her up to my face and
grabbed her around the waist as I raised her higher and lined my hard cock up
with the entrance to her tight pussy. She straddled me and then quickly lowered
her self onto me. My cock hesitated a little at the entrance of her cunt, but
she pushed down harder and in it popped. She gasped aloud as my cock cleaved its
way into her moist cunt and slowly moved deeper into her. She looked deep in my
eyes as she pushed her on self ever further down onto my shaft. I whispered into
her ear to slow down and she told me to hush as she ground down again even
harder. Finally I feel her soft curly pubic hair make contact with mine as she
bottoms out at the base of my cock. The tightness of her cunt is amazing and she
just sits there a little while letting herself become accustomed to the thick
man meat that is buried inside her. She softly coos as she kisses me
passionately and slowly starts to move atop me. She is very aroused and I feel
the juices of her creamy cunt lubricating the sides of my thick cock. She then
throws me for a loop when she says, “I knew that it would feel this great, I
just knew it!” I look at her in shock and ask the question that I hoped she
would answer with a no. I said, “Whitney, are you a virgin?” She looks into my
eyes lustfully and slowly nods her head yes! I freak a little and my cock starts
to get soft. She says, “Please no, I’ve wanted this, please don’t stop now!”

She then grabs another cig from the coffee table and lights it as my cock
continues to become flaccid inside her. She then again shocks me by saying,
“This worked for my aunt last night, maybe it will for me.” Then she takes a
draw and kissed me after she inhales. The smoke enters my mouth and I
immediately start to harden inside her. I then realize that the movement I
caught out of the corner of my eye the night before was actually her, watching
me fuck her aunt. This also arouses me and I find that I am totally aroused by
it. I grab her waist and kiss her back savagely as she contracts her pussy
muscles around my prick. She then starts a slow up and down motion atop me. Her
hot pussy feels extremely good as it slides up and down on my prick and after
several more minutes we reach a steady pace that starts to move us both toward
our orgasms. She continues to smoke her cigarette and exhale the smoke into my
mouth as she fucks herself up and down on my hard cock. I watch each time that
she inhales and can see the total lust in her face as she gets closer and closer
to her climax. We are like two animals in heat as we grind our bodies together
in the chair and after a few minutes of it she tenses up and her hot cunt
contracts around my cock and she climaxes. Her whole body shakes, starting in
her cunt and moving to finally encompass her entire body. I grab hold of her and
kiss her passionately, as she is lost in the tremendous throws of her
fuck-induced orgasm. I explore her mouth with my tongue as she keeps cumming and
cumming. She finally starts to subside from her orgasm as she remains there atop
me. My cock remains thoroughly imbedded in her as I feel it quake in many mini
orgasm. She finally looks at me as she takes one final drag on her now short
cigarette and then puts it out on the coffee table and then kissing me very
passionately. As the smoke exits her mouth and enters mine I too climax, my cock
spurting inside of her brings her to another mini orgasm and she again shakes
atop me as I pump many streams of sperm into her. Our orgasms finally come to a
stop and I feel very exhausted as she goes limp while still on top of me. My
prick softens rapidly inside her and she then slowly slides down off me and
stands. She turns to walk away and I see a stream of my cum running down her
sexy legs. She turns to me and says, “Don’t worry, what my aunt doesn’t know
cannot hurt her.” I watch mesmerized as she gathers her shorts and heads back
upstairs with saying another word. I arrange myself back to normal and sat
watching TV for about 10 minutes before her aunt walks in and sits down beside

Now it is three days later and the super model is riding me and I have Whitney
on my mind the whole time. Her beautiful aunt is expertly riding my prick as I
reach up and caress her large breast. Again I catch movement out of the corner
of my eye, but this time as I look to investigate I see Whitney standing there
watching us. I look into her eyes as she smiles and then I notice that she has
her hand down between her legs masturbating as I fuck her aunt. Her Aunt is
smoking a cigarette as she fucks me and I notice too that Whitney is. Each time
she takes a long drag on her cigarette she blows it in my direction and watching
these lovely women smoke takes me over the edge. I reach up and grab auntie by
the shoulders and bring her to kiss me just as she is exhaling and we both
climax simultaneously. We groan

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