This is the story of the night my Mistress rented me out to a group of women as
entertainment for their little get together. I was given instructions to
completely submit and obey all the ladies and that if I did not I would be
severely punished. She then gave me directions to their house and I left. I
drove out of the city and onto the highway and then headed in the directions
that I was given. I drove for well over an hour when I saw the sign that
directed me to the exit I was looking for. Once off the highway it was not hard
to find the address I was looking for and I quickly found myself setting in the
driveway of a very large three-story house. I sat there a while considering if I
wanted to go in or not and in the end my training took over and I obediently
exited the car and approached the door of the house. I knocked and after a few
seconds a very beautiful brunette wearing a very elegant nightgown opens the
door. She is stunningly sexy and to top it off she has one of those very long
thin cigarette holders dangling between her glove covered fingers and I watch
mesmerized as she lifts it to her lovely lips. She places the small tip between
them and then takes a long and deep drag. She open mouth inhales as she moves
toward me and then exhales directly into my face as she grabs me and pulls me
into the house. I obediently follow as she leads me from the foyer into the
living room where there are three other women also dressed in beautiful evening
gowns. All are smoking cigarettes of one form or another and chatting
energetically. As we enter, the room suddenly drops to silence, and I am led to
the center of the room where a chair has been place.

I am ordered by the brunette to take a seat, I do so as the others move to
surround me. I look up at each and quickly notice each and everyone is still
smoking. I watch in awe as the smoke flows from between the lovely lipstick
covered lips of these ladies and find that I am slowly becoming aroused. The
brunette then takes my hands and places them behind my back and ties them there
as one of the other ladies drops down and secures each of my feet to the legs of
the chair. I am completely immobile when they finish and I sit there quietly as
they step back and admire their handy work. The brunette then looks at me and
introduces herself as Cassandra. She tells me that she is the hostess of the
little party and that her guest’s names will not be used for confidentiality
reasons. When she finishes she quickly moves toward me and places a tight
fitting mask over my head and I quickly realize that it is a gas mask with a see
through plastic shield. Once she has it in place she invites all the ladies to
join her and they all take seats in various places a little closer to me. Once
everyone is seated she takes some long thing clear hoses and locks them into the
filter part of the mask. As she does this I notice that the filter has been
removed, and replaced by an empty canister, making the gas mask useless. I
quickly realize that that is just what she wants as she takes each of the
attached tubes and hands the ends not attached to the ladies and then takes one
her self as she takes a seat directly in front of me.

I look at the ladies in a questioning manner and Cassandra tells me that I am to
do nothing but sit there and breath. At first I am not sure what is going on but
I quickly see as each of the ladies lights up a cigarette and take a very long
drag. Each lady then inhales deeply only to take a double drag on there
cigarettes. Then without any warning at all they all place the lengths of tubing
between their lips and blow forcefully. I watch as the white smoke travels the
length of the tubes and then into the front of the gas mask. It flows into the
mask and curls around my face as the ladies are momentarily blocked from my
sight by the thick smoke. I cough and struggle a bit; it is of no use, with my
hands and legs bound. After a few seconds I realize this and calm down as the
smoke clears a little and I can finally see the women again. Cassandra tells me
that I should breathe slowly and that I will get used to it eventually, as the
women take drags on there cigs and again exhale into the tubes. The acrid smoke
enters the mask as I cough once again and Cassandra tells me that I should relax
and just let it happen. She explains that she and her friends have smoking
fetishes and that they enjoy making slaves reap benefits from this, the benefits
being their second-hand smoke. The ladies keep smoking and the smoke keeps
coming. I finally find that I am coughing less and less and actually notice that
I am breathing better. The mask once again fills with the warm smoke and I
quickly breathe deeply and take the second hand smoke of these lovely ladies
deep into my lungs. I moan softly as I exhale and watch these ladies continue
smoking. They then start chatting again and completely ignore me as they
continue smoking and blowing the smoke into the tubes and filling my mask. I
find myself eagerly awaiting the next time one of them would exhale into the
tube and send me the warm smoke that was just deep inside their lungs. I also
too find that I am becoming more and more aroused, especially as I watch each of
these lovely ladies inhale in their different ways.

After a couple of hours of this Cassandra approaches me and asks me if I am
enjoying myself and I nod my head yes as I inhale deeply. The women slowly
finish up each of their cigarettes and the tubes are then removed from the gas
mask. The mask is then taken off and I find that I miss the smoky atmosphere
that was the interior of the mask. Cassandra then moves to undo my bounds as she
tells me that the party is moving into the bedroom. I am ordered to escort each
lady to the bedroom and then seat them and once all 4 women are seated I am
commanded to remove all my clothes. I obediently comply and once I am completely
naked Cassandra tells me to help all her guest’s undress as well. Once all the
ladies are undressed, they each again light up a cigarette apiece and then
proceed to kiss and caress one another as they smoke. A couple of the women take
deep inhales and kisses each other as they exhale into each other’s mouth. I sit
back on the bed and watch these very erotic women as they make lesbian love to
each other as they sexily smoke their cigarettes. After a while Cassandra leans
back on the bed and tells me that I need to position myself between her legs and
prepare to orally service her. As I get between her creamy spread thighs and
look up at her she smiles and exhales a cloud of smoke into my face. She then
tells me that she so enjoys smoking as she is being eaten out. This arouses me
tremendously and I quickly bury my face deep into her wet and creamy cunt. I
hear her moan loudly as I slide my tongue deeply into her and look up at her
face as I stroke my tongue across her very erect clit. I watch as she
involuntarily, caused by my oral stimulation, takes a massive drag on her
cigarette. She then open mouth inhales as I return to my job of bring her to her
climax with my lips and tongue. I continue to delve into the deepest regions of
her cunt with my talented tongue until I feel her getting closer and closer to
her very much needed orgasm. Once I sense that she is at the brink I move my
tongue to her click and flick it across it faster and faster, using my lips to
suck on it harder and harder as I do. That’s all it takes and suddenly my head
is grabbed on each side and pulled tighter to her cunt as she explodes. Her
juices flow across my tongue as I continue to lick and suck her juicy pussy for
all I am worth. Her orgasm lasted a long time and she finally started to ease up
on her pressure and let me pull my now very soaked face away from her
well-satisfied cunt. She pulls me up to her and then kisses me passionately as
she exhales a thick and warm cloud of smoke into my mouth.

I then am ordered to orally service the other women and move to do so only to
find that they have already started pleasing each other. I move down to join a
luscious looking red head that is eagerly licking a blondes hot looking cunt. I
ask if I may be of assistance and the redhead smiles and then takes a drag on
her cig, kissing me as she exhales. She then pulls away from my mouth and buries
her face into the blondes cunt as I move upward and kiss the blonde. I exhale
the smoke the redhead gave me into the blonde’s mouth and she is very aroused by
this. She grabs me by my hair as she kisses me back even more passionately and
the girl between her legs expertly brings her to her climax. She shakes
violently as we kiss and I feel her whole body jerk strongly as she climaxes
over and over again in mini orgasm after mini orgasm. I then move to another
brunette that is masturbating as she smokes her cigarette. I lean in and kiss
her as she inhales and I am rewarded with a strong exhale that makes me very
aroused. My cock is extremely hard by this time and I slowly mount her. She does
not resist as I climb atop her and line my cock up with her wet cunt. She takes
another long draw and then pulls my face to hers and tells me to enter her. I
slide my cock into her, she slowly exhales into my face, and she moans louder
and louder. I quickly set up a steady pace as she tries to continue smoking her
cigarette as I pump my prick harder and harder into her hot pussy. She was
already so aroused that it doesn’t take long for her to start to approach her
imminent climax. My cock feels so good as it quickly pumps in and out of her
lovely pussy and in no time I find that I too am nearing my orgasm. The woman
then takes one last massive drag on her cigarette as I slam my cock deeper into
her. She then grunts loud as she drops her cig in the ashtray on the nightstand
and then pulls me to her and kisses me as she again exhales into my mouth. She
grasps me tight as her pussy contracts around the shaft of my thick prick and
she explodes in orgasm. She exhales for a very long time as her body shakes in
her glorious climax and this causes me to push my cock even deeper into the
confines of her quaking cunt and hold it there as I too explode. My cock throbs
and pulses as many long and thick streams of my seed pump into this lovely
woman’s body. I keeping cumming and cumming as this woman continues to kiss me
and exhale the smoke that she took deep into her lungs. I cum like I have never
came before and after a short while I feel my cock start to soften inside the
wet confines of her still twitching cunt. I slowly withdraw and move to lie
beside her as she reaches for yet another cigarette. She lights it and blows the
smoke into my face and tells me that was extremely wonderful. The smoke being
blown in my face immediately causes my cock to stiffen and as I lay there with
my cock sticking up Cassandra approaches me and climbs atop me. She slides her
wet cunt down onto my hard cock as she moans loudly and lights a cigarette.
Inhaling deeply she starts to ride my prick madly. I reach up and caress her
supple breasts as she bounces up and down on my extremely rigid cock. She
reaches her climax quickly and in the middle of it she takes the largest and
longest drag on her cigarette and then does a hard snap as she open mouth
inhales and pulls the smoke deep into her lungs. As she comes to the end of her
orgasm she drops forward atop me and locks her mouth onto mine in an erotic kiss
that sends the tremendous amount of smoke that is in her body flowing out of her
mouth and into mine. I cannot hold back any longer and as the warm and tasty
smoke enters my mouth and is inhaled I too explode once again in orgasm. My
sperm pulses up the length of my cock and into the warm depths of her pussy. She
moans as she fills my cream flow into her and she continues slowly exhaling into
my mouth. My orgasm subsides just as the last bit of smoke is exhaled into my
mouth and I moan loudly and hold her to me tighter. Once I am completely drained
and flaccid she dismounts and orders me to dress. She then tells me that there
is an envelope that is on the living room coffee table and that I should tell my
Mistress that she and her guest’s were well pleased with my performance.

I left as the ladies were continuing their party; the beautiful bodies of these
lovely ladies were hard to leave as they coupled together on the bed in
different forms of lesbian lovemaking. I take the envelope to my Mistress and
she too is pleased that I was such a good slave. I cannot wait until I am gain
rented to Cassandra and her guest’s for another night of smoking and sex.

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