One Smokey Night

I’ve been chatting with this very sexy lady online for about 3 months now. We
met in a chat room entitled, “Smoking Women and the men who love them.” We’ve
had several cam sessions and have had lots of phone sex. She has long dark hair
and dark sensual eyes. She is very beautiful and of course she smokes. When she
takes a drag on her cigarette and open mouth inhales I melt. She knows this and
uses it to her advantage as often as she can. She and I both live in the same
area and we decided to meet. Over the phone we made plans to meet at a pub that
was midway between our homes. I was very nervous as I got dressed and headed out
the door. I drove quickly to the pub and went in and took a seat at the bar
where I could see the door and everyone that entered. There were plenty of
people there and the room was filled with a haze from all the smoke. I started
looking around the room and noticed many sexy women smoking. I watched as each
one took a draw and inhaled, then slowly exhaled, the soft smoking exiting their
lipstick covered lips. I was getting aroused and my date had not even showed up
yet. I ordered a drink and sat and sipped it as I waited anxiously for her to
show up.

I heard the door of the pub open and looked up to see the most erotic site in
the world. She was dressed in a long tight fitting black nightgown, that
accented all her curves. Each of her hands and arms were covered in long black
gloves and as I watched her move toward me she raised her right hand to her
mouth and I noticed a long white lit cigarette between her slender fingers. She
placed it between her lips and took a long and deep drag that lasted the length
of the room. She was finally standing in front of me as she took it from between
her lovely lips and opened her mouth to give me a glance of the soft white smoke
swirling around before being inhaled quickly into her lungs. As I sat there
mesmerized she leaned forward and placed her lips on mine and exhaled ever so
slowly into my mouth. I slowly start to respond and return the kiss as she
placed her hand on the back of my head and holds me there tightly until she
completely exhales the smoke. She breaks our kiss and I slowly exhale the smoke
into her face. She moans a little and smiles and takes a seat at the bar beside
me. We sit the and talk for a long time as she keeps smoking and exhaling in my
general direction. I was very aroused and I could tell that she was also. We had
a few drinks and I was beginning to feel a slight buzz and I started moving
closer to her, placing my hands on her knees and caressing her. She responded
and placed her hand on my crotch, which was very aroused, and squeezed. This
petting and stuff went on for a few more minutes before I suggested that we get
out of there and find some place to be alone.

We exited the club and since we had just recently met in person we decided to go
to the nearest motel. We got the room and entered and immediately she threw her
arms around my neck and started kissing me very passionately. I moaned into her
mouth as I savagely returned her kiss and started moving her toward the bed. As
we reached it and I proceeded to lay her back on it she pulled and way and said,
“No no baby, not just yet.”

She then moved to the door and locked it and turned and dimmed the lights a bit
as she lit another cigarette up and started sexily removing her clothes. She
then dances slowly toward me as she takes drag after drag of her cigarette and
sexily exhaling in different ways. She did a few French inhales that drove me
crazy but all I could do was sit their as if hypnotized. She had me wrapped and
she knew it. After a bit more teasing and smoking she moved to me and then did
something that really turned me on. She lit two more cigs and put one in each
hand and had me lay back on the bed. She climbed atop me and straddle my waist
and started a slow grind as she took draw after draw on each cig and exhaled
down toward my face. My cock became very erect as she continued her lovely
smoking lap dance. A few minutes of this and she finally dismounts and lies back
on the bed and spreads her legs later and says, “Now, my little pet, if you want
me you have to earn it.” I ask her how I can earn it and she says that first I
have to be able to orally bring her to orgasm, and that she will be smoking her
cigs as I do.

This is a dream come true for me and I hungrily dive between her sexy legs and
bury my face in her lovely pussy. She moans softly as I lick up and down the
entire length of her moist cunt. I look up as I run my tongue up her slit and
moan softly as I see her exhale a long thick cloud of smoke toward the ceiling.
This makes me increase my oral stimulation of her pussy and in minutes I have
her squirming all over the bed in her effort to hold back her own orgasm. She
continues to smoke her cigs as I orally please her and I am finally rewarded for
all my hard work as her cunt explodes in orgasm and floods my mouth with her
warm delicious juices. I greedily lap up all the creamy fluids that she expels
and then slowly start kissing my way up across her sexy tummy to her succulent
breasts where I linger for a little nibble before moving my mouth and lips up
and placing them onto hers just as she is again exhaling. I take all the warm
smoke form her lungs and then continue kissing her as I return it to her mouth
once more. I break the kiss and she softly blows it into my face. This causes my
cock to throb and I quickly line it up to the entrance of her now very moist
pussy. She looks up at me and again exhales in my face as I start sliding my
thick cock into her. Her moans of pleasure excite me as I push even deeper and
deeper into her tight cunt. She takes a double draw and pulls my face to hers
and exhales as I start pumping my manhood into her faster and harder. Her eyes
are wide open as I completely sink my cock the full length into her and the lust
in her eyes if very intense. She raises her hips up to meet my cock which causes
me to go even deeper into her and I moan at the feeling of her hot cunt wrapped
around my thick shaft. I start to slowly pump in and out of her as she continues
to smoke her cigarettes, she is very talented at putting out one cig and
lighting another as I continue to fuck my cock deeply into her. I am so near
orgasm from constantly watching her inhale and then either exhale into my face
or lock her lips on mine and exhale into it. She can feel that I nearing my
orgasm and she starts contracting her pussy muscle around my hard shaft. That is
all I can handle and without any further stimulation my prick explodes and spews
the insides of her cunt with my hot seed. My orgasm triggers hers and her whole
body quakes in one giant orgasmic shudder that almost throws me off her. She
pulls me to her and locks her mouth on mine in a passionate kiss as we both
shake and shudder through our mutual orgasms. She continues kissing me through
her entire orgasm and I feel her pussy grasping my cock, milking it of its seed,
as I leave it buried deeply in her womb. She finally starts to subside from her
climax and I move to lay beside her as she lights another cigarette and the does
a French inhale and exhales forcefully upward. I watch as the light colored
smoke rises to the ceiling and spreads through the already smoke filled room.
Watching her smoke does what it always does to me, she reaches down to play with
my cock only to find that it is already extremely hard and ready for more. She
looks at me and says, “WOW!”

I look at her as she exhales a long thick cloud of smoke into my face and says,
“That’s one good thing about you having an after sex cigarette, It keeps me
going and going and going!” She smiles and kisses me with a smoky kiss and then
slowly moves down to smoke on something besides a cigarette for a change. I lean
back and enjoy the sensations of her warm lips sliding up and down my hard cock
and within minutes I explode into her very hot oral cavity. She takes my entire
load and then moves up and takes another long drag on her cigarette before
locking her lips to mine and kissing me as she exhales. I can taste my cum on
her lips as she explores my mouth with her tongue and this causes my cock to
twitch and slowly to rise again. This goes on for most of the night before we
both fall asleep from exhaustion. When I awaken she is no longer there and there
is a note on her pillow. It reads,

“Thanks Lover for a very smoky night, in the future you will need to supply the
cigarettes for the night. Call me and we will do this again.

Smoky Kisses,

Your Smoking Mistress

As I look around the room I notice that there are at least five empty cigarette
packs. I slowly dress and leave with memories of my smoking Mistress still fresh
in my head.

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