My Smoking Fetish Fantasy

I am sitting at my desk working on my PC when you just open the front door and
walk in. You are so beautiful, you slowly walk toward me, and my heart speeds
up. When you are standing beside me I can smell your perfume and it is
intoxicating, my body reacts to yours being so close and I realize just how much
I have always desired you. You notice that I have a “NO SMOKING” Sign on the
wall and laugh out loud as you sit on my lap and proceed to light a cigarette.
You take a long deep draw and then inhale as you look deep in my eyes. You then
exhale and blow the smoke right in my face and that is all it takes, I become
instantly erect. I reach up as you take another drag of your cigarette and grab
a large handful of your thick beautiful hair. I forcefully pull your head back
as you inhale, placing my lips to yours as you exhale. The strong acrid smoke
enters my mouth and I inhale it, moaning softly as I take it all in. I pull
harder and harder on your hair and you moan as my lips crush tighter to yours.
Once you finish the long exhale I continue to kiss you, our tongues encircling
one another, my hand pulling tightly on your hair.

Finally I break the kiss and look into your lust filled eyes as I push you off
my lap into a standing position. I then stand and guide you around to the back
of my office chair. Forcefully I grab you and bend you over the back of it and
quickly tie your hands to the arms with some leather straps. By the time you
realize what I am doing it is too late, but you still try to struggle. This only
excites me more and I quickly undo your pants and slide them down your sexy legs
and off your feet. You look so good bent over my chair like that and your nice
soft ass looks so inviting. I walk around the chair and talk to you as I slowly
take off my shirt and pants. You tell me that you want me but that you don’t
want to be tied up like this. I laugh and tell you that that is too bad. I then
make my way back to your sweet looking ass and start to caress it roughly. You
moan louder and I use both my hands to spread your ass cheeks, getting a better
look at your now very wet pussy. The juices glisten on it, telling me that even
though you are complaining you are extremely turned on, my mouth waters. I drop
to my knees behind you and slowly lean forward. You feel my hot breath on your
cunt and you moan even louder. I then quickly and lightly run the tip of my
tongue up the entire length of your slit. You hiss loudly as my talented tongue
makes contact with your aroused clit. I then bury my face in your delightful
cunt and proceed to orally take you.

My tongue expertly delves into the deepest regions of your juicy pussy as I
caress your ass and legs. I move my mouth to your clit and lock my lips on it
and suck as hard as I can. You moan louder still and I know that you are
enjoying my oral stimulation. I keep licking and sucking your pussy for a while,
bringing you close to your orgasm, then stopping and letting you hang of the
brink of total satisfaction. You are breathing very heavy and your pussy is
extremely wet as I stand an place my now very erect 8 inch cock to the opening
of your delightful love canal. Without any further warning or foreplay I quickly
slide the entire length into you. You moan very loud as you feel my thick cock
slide into the depths of your pussy. You automatically start cumming, your pussy
juices flow out around the sides of my cock and I moan loudly as I feel your
cunt contract on my hard shaft. Once I have my entire cock inside you I hold it
there letting you get used to the thickness. Then I feel you start to move a
little back toward me and I take that as my cue to start fucking. I slowly slide
all but the head of my cock out of your tight cunt only to again slide it back
into you, only this time with greater force. I finally set up a steady rhythm of
pumping my stiff prick in and out of your now hot and wet cunt. You are moaning
and trying to push back harder on my cock as I keep up the pace. My dick plunges
in and out of you effortlessly as I reach up and take your hair into my right
hand and use it to pull you back even further. Once you come down from your
initial climax, as I entered you, you start moaning loudly and telling me to
fuck you. Each time you encourage me like this makes my cock grow even stiffer
inside you. I continue to plunge my manhood deeply into your womb as I caress
your back and pull tighter on your hair. I fuck you like this for about 30
minutes when I feel your pussy again contract around my thick cock and I realize
that you are experiencing another mind blowing orgasm. You scream out loud that
you are cumming and I feel your hot juices flow around my shaft. I cannot hold
back any longer and I to explode. My cock spasms and you feel it swell inside
you as my hot seed travels up the shaft to be deposited inside your quaking
pussy. You moan as you feel my load pump into you and actually experience a few
more mini orgasms as your cunt slowly comes down from a most satisfying fuck. I
slowly slide my cock out of your wet cunt and as I do our combined juices flow
out of you and down your inner thigh. I stand there with my semi-hard cock
sticking out as I caress your lovely ass. You coo softly and I lean over and
untie the straps and help you to stand up. You turn to me and quickly bring your
soft lips to mine in a very passionate kiss. We continue to kiss and fondle each
others bodies until we are both once again very aroused. You take my hand and
lead me into the bedroom where you lay me down and climb on top of me. You grind
your lovely body on mine as you kiss me erotically.

Then you reach back and take my cock and guide it to your pussy and sit back and
take my entire manhood into you once again. You look down at me and smile as you
reach over and get a cigarette and a lighter from the nightstand and light it.
You inhale deeply as you grind your hot cunt onto my stiff cock. As you exhale I
reach up and take each of your supple breasts in my large hands and squeeze them
tightly and pull you to me. You take a very long drag on your cigarette and
inhale deeply as you lock your lips on mine. You exhale forcefully and as the
warm smoke enters my mouth you feel my cock throb inside you. You quickly
realize how much this turns me on and you proceed to take draw after draw and
inhale, only to be exhaled into my mouth in a passionate kiss. I am on the verge
of exploding as you kiss me and ride my throbbing cock. Then you sit up and look
down at me as you start a slow grinding circular motion with your hips. The
friction caused by this is extreme and I feel my balls tighten up in
anticipation of the imminent release that is coming. You take another drag on
your cigarette and then inhale only to take another one and inhale and finally
to take a third and final drag. You inhale and I can tell that your lungs are
completely filled with the smoke. You lean forward and passionately kiss me as
you slowly exhale the smoke into my mouth. That is all that it takes, you
proceed to exhale, and my cock explodes into your hot wet cunt once again. I
shake and jerk as your lips push tighter to mine in a sexy kiss that is filling
my mouth with the smoke in your lungs. My cock is filling your cunt with its
juices. I cum like I have never came before and the throbbing of my cock brings
you over the edge as well. You breathe out the last of the smoke as you exhale
in orgasm and your body quakes. You shake violently atop me and I reach up and
pull your body to mine and hold you tightly as you slowly subside from the third
intense orgasm since we started. You softly kiss me and nuzzle my neck as we lay
there, my now softening cock still embedded in the wet confines of your lovely
pussy. Slowly I turn to my side and deposit you on the bed beside me and as you
turn over I move close to your back. I nuzzle your neck and kiss your ears as I
start to caress your beautiful hair. I caress your back and softly tell you how
much I have always wanted you and you slowly fall asleep in my arms. I watch you
sleep, so beautiful and sexy, for a long time. Then finally I to drift off into
slumber land with you in my arms…where I dream of you even more…

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