My Perfect Woman

I’ve been enjoying a very healthy sex life since I discovered that I have a
smoking fetish. There are so many different avenues of experimentation and I had
tried what I thought was the entire scope of them. I was hanging out with my
best friend one day and was telling him about my little fetish and he was a
little taken back by it, seeing as that I am a non-smoker. I explained that
smoking and sex have gone hand in hand for a very long time and then painted a
very vivid picture of a beautiful woman smoking, inhaling and slowly and sexily
exhaling, and he said that it actually was quite arousing. Then he told me about
this prostitute that he knew that he thought I should meet. He said that she was
very beautiful and had very dark hair that was waist length and to top
everything off she smoked. I agreed to meet her the next day after a long and
very interesting phone call. She told me that she liked smoking during sex and
that it was not a shock that this was a fetish of mine. She said that she had a
lot of non-smokers as clients and that everyone was turned on by her smoking
during sex. We talked further and I found out her name was Michelle and we set
up a time and place to meet. It was a local motel that was located about halfway
between both of us. She gave me a room number and said that she would be there
before I got there.

The rest of the day dragged by as I kept running over different things that may
happen when I got to the motel. Finally after a nights rest and breakfast I
proceeded to drive the short distance to the motel that she and I agreed upon.
Once there I sat in the car in front of the room a few minutes, trying to gather
myself for the events that could take place through that single door with the
number 120A on it. I got out of the car and walked to the door. I could hear
music coming from the room so I knocked a little louder than normal. A soft
voice told me to come in and I opened the door and walked into a room that was
filled with cigarette smoke. Michelle was lying on the bed on her side and she
had on nothing but thigh-high black stockings and stiletto heels and long arm
length black gloves. Clasp between her fingers was a very long and thin black
cigarette holder. From the amount of smoke that was in the room I guessed she
had been there a few hours and constantly smoking. She exhaled heavily and sat
up slowly onto the side of the bed. I moved toward her and she stood and quickly
threw her arms around my neck and locked her lips to mine in a passionate kiss.
She breathed heavily into my mouth and filled it with the smoke that was in her
lungs. I moaned and grabbed her body and pulled it tight to mine as she
continued to exhale the large amount of acrid smoke. I finally pulled free of
her kiss and exhaled the smoke into her face before placing my lips back on
hers. We kissed for several more minutes before she pulled back and sat on the
edge of the bed.

She reached up and undid my belt and slid down my zipper and reached inside to
fish for my stiffening cock. She found what she was looking for and pulled my
cock free of it confines and stroked it slowly. I became totally erect as she
reached on the bed and took a cigarette out of the pack and lit it. She inhaled
deeply and then blew the soft white smoke onto the head of my prick before
leaning in and letting it brush her lips. I moaned softly and she then took a
tremendous draw on her cigarette and then opened her mouth to show me the ball
of soft smoke swirling around inside it. She leaned forward and let the head of
my erect cock slide into the smoke as she wrapped her lips around the shaft.
Once she had me in her mouth she inhaled the smoke and started sucking on my
cock expertly. I threw my head back and moaned as I felt her soft lips sliding
up and down the length of my tool. She was as very talented cocksucker and in no
time at all I felt myself approaching orgasm. She pulled her lips off my cock
long enough for her to take another long and deep drag on her cigarette and
inhale. She then took my cock deep into her throat and sucked me even harder. I
could not hold back any longer and I grabbed her head as I thrust my hips
forward and blasted the back of her throat with my hot seed. My cock spurted
several long thick ropes of sperm before it slowed to a steady drip that filled
her mouth to over flowing. Some leaked out of the corners of her mouth and ran
down her chin. She eagerly swallowed all that she had in her mouth and then
pulled her wet lips up the shaft of my cock and off the head. She then stood and
pulled my face to hers and kissed me and exhaled the smoke that she inhaled
earlier. I could taste myself on her lips and it turned me on tremendously. The
smoke flowed past her lips and into my mouth and I inhaled greedily. Finally she
broke the kiss and moved back and sat on the bed and moved back to lean against
the headboard. I went to get on the bed and she told me that I needed to
completely undress first. As I undressed she took out a long thin black
cigarette holder and places a cigarette in it. She lit it and inhaled deeply as
she reached down and started playing with her clit. This made me become erect
once again and I hurriedly finished undressing.

I moved onto the bed where she was laying and smoking her cig as she masturbated
and she spread her legs wide open in invitation. She told me to wait just a
second and I watched mesmerized as she reached down and inserted the thin tip of
her cigarette holder into the lips of her completely shaved cunt. I watched as
her pussy contacted and sucked on the holder. After a few seconds of
contractions she slowly slid the tip out and a small wisp of smoke exited her
cunt and drifted up past my face. She then looked at me and said, “EAT ME NOW!”
I did as ordered and buried my face into the wetness that was her pussy. I
thrust my tongue up into her and was rewarded as she again flexed her pussy
muscles and pushed the smoke into my mouth. I moaned loudly as I smoked her cunt
and greedily licked and sucked on her engorged clit. She was very aroused and it
only took me a few seconds of oral stimulation to bring her over the edge. She
thrust her hips upward into my face as I buried my tongue deep inside her. Her
whole body was racked by violent contractions as her orgasm started in her pussy
and spread outward through her entire body. Her juices freely flowed into my
greedy mouth to be swallowed. I continued to tongue her pussy as she shuddered
through many more mini orgasms and finally I move my mouth from her clit and
started kissing my way upward across her sexy tummy. I moved further upward and
locked my lips around each of her erect nipples before licking a trail between
them and moving still upwards until we were face to face. She pulled me to her
and kissed me again and I knew that she could taste herself on my lips. We
continued kissing a little while and then she said, “I want your cock in me
now!” I moved between her legs as she took a drag on her cigarette and then had
me rise up so she could once again slide the holder into her cunt. I watched as
this talented woman took several big draws on the cigarette holder using her
pussy lips. Once her cunt was filled with soft white smoke she slid it out and I
slid forward and placed the head of my prick at the opening and pushed forward.
My cock spread her pussy lips a little and smoke started to escape as inch after
inch slid into her. The smoke flowed out around my shaft and cascaded around my
body as I went even deeper into her. The sight of this woman’s cunt smoking as I
entered it made my cock visibly throb as it finally slid the final inch into
her. I held still a few seconds and looked down into her lovely face only to get
a blast of smoke blown up at me. I breathed in deeply as I started a slow in and
out motion and at the same time a strong grinding circular motion with me hips.
She moaned as she took another drag on her cigarette, she reached up and pulled
my face to hers and kissed me and exhaled into my mouth as I increased the pace
of my fucking. The room was filled with smoke and it was a little hard to
breathe, but I found that all this turned me on tremendously. She continued to
smoke the entire time that I slid my cock in and out of her and after about
thirty or forty minutes I felt my orgasm approaching. She too must have been
very aroused by this time, because she was grabbing at my arms and digging her
nails into the flesh. Small half moon scars were left in my arms as I pounded
harder and harder into her cunt. The pain and pleasure was mixed and enjoyed
tremendously as I continued to thrust my tool into her womanhood. She again blew
smoke into my face and that was all it took. My cock exploded! Spurt after spurt
of my seed flowed into the depths of her cunt. The throbbing of my cumming cock
triggered her orgasm and she again thrust her hips upward as I filled her with
cum. I felt her cunt contract around the shaft of my cock and I groaned loudly
as she pulled me to her and once again locked her lips to mine and exhaled. A
thick cloud of smoke entered my mouth and I found myself wondering how in hell
she was able to smoke during an earth shattering climax like she was having. I
did not ponder on this for too long and I finally felt the last few drops of
sperm flow into her cunt as she exhaled the last of the smoke that was in her
lungs into my mouth. We continued to kiss as our bodies subsided from their
mutual orgasms and I loved the way her mouth tasted. I wanted to feed on her
mouth forever and I found that I could not stop kissing her. The taste of the
smoke on her mouth was strong and it actually caused my cock to once again
become hard while still embedded inside her. The night continued on like this
and we both finally collapsed into a deep sleep.

When I awoke the first thing I noticed was the thick cloud of smoke that was
swirling around in the room. She had blocked off all the airways into and out of
the room, so no smoke could escape. I knew that we both smelled strongly of
nicotine. I move to her lying there in the bed with me and licked my way down to
her lovely cunt. The taste of her body was very smoky and this really excited
me. I buried my face between her legs and started eating her pussy like a
madman. This awakened her and she moaned softly as she spread her legs wider and
let me feed upon her. She lit another cig as I continued hungrily slurping up
the juices that flowed from her. I looked up as I lapped at her cunt and watched
as she took long and deep drags on her cigarette, inhaling deeply, and then
exhaling straight up into the air. The smoke mingled with the already thick
cloud that filled the room and I suddenly exploded. My cock spewed forth a large
thick load onto the bed as I moaned loudly into her cunt. I shuddered as I
continued to eat her and a few seconds later she too convulsed in orgasm.
Flooding my mouth with her pussy cream she screamed louder and louder. I moved
up to lie beside her and she blew smoke into my face and then kissed me
passionately. Again her mouth tasted so good and I kissed her eagerly. We both
lay there awhile talking before we both dressed and proceeded to leave the
motel. I handed her an envelope that contained 5 one hundred-dollar bills and
she told me that that was way too much. I exclaimed that it wasn’t and insisted
that she keep it all.

She lit a cigarette and took another tremendous drag and inhaled deeply, then
she took another drag and inhaled it also. She then locked her lips on mine and
exhaled very heavily into my mouth and I moaned as the strong acrid smoke filled
my mouth and then my lungs as I inhaled. We continue to kiss a few more minutes
before she pulled back and said that she would like to call me sometime. She
then told me that she had never met a man that enjoyed her smoking fetish as
much as I did and that she wanted us to go out sometime and get to know each
other better. I remarked that there was not much more to get to know and she
said, “Wanna bet!” And she winked at me and opened the door of the motel room.
The smoke that filled the room started to billow out of the open door and the
volume of it astounded me. We thought that we should leave the door open and I
escorted her to her car and got in mine and noticed as we left that the smoke
was still pouring out of the room. I drove home hoping that I would soon get a
call from this talented smoking woman.

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