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This is a list of Websites that are small independent operations producing some of the very best Smoking Fetish Videos you will find.  Some of these sites may also appear in multiple categories here in 2ndhandSmoking.

Drifting Cigarette Smoke Drifting Cigarette Smoke

It’s 2014 as I write this and I’ve decided to add some commentary to each listing.

Site Link: Random Snaps (While they were one of the Very Best EVER… sadly they are now gone).  Tony P is a very talented Photographer/Videographer working in the Southern Hemisphere – New Zealand and Australian Models.  Many of his models are extremely attractive and this is the place to go for beautiful Asian Models Smoking as well.  This is money well spent and in my opinion a strong contender for the best Smoking Fetish site that exists.  It really is that good.  Geez, the free content alone is better than anything I’ve seen from any of the big Porn Companies paid content.  Go look for yourself.  Some nude content (Mostly topless and not hardcore).

Site Link: Smoking Sweeties Excellent Production Qualities, and STUNNING models (Sure not every one is a 10, but in my view there are 10’s on their site).  Based out of Spain I believe this is on par with Tony P’s work.  I’m not going to pick one over the other, but I will just say once again if you are into Smoking Fetish this is money well spent.  I think I’m in love with half a dozen of the girls at Smoking Sweeties.  Geez talk about envy, where does he find these Smoking Hot Women (Pun Intended).  Did I mention the absolute top notch quality of the product?  Okay then why are you still here… go take a look.  Some nude content (Mostly topless and not hardcore).

Site Link: IM Live Cam Models  For some guys it’s not enough to just look at the pictures or look at the videos they want to interact directly with the models, talk to them, ask them to do things.  This is the whole premise of Web Cam Models.  And while there are other… many other cam sites, IM Live Cam has been around a very long time and is one of the few truly legit sites.  And no it’s not cheap, but you get what you pay for.  Nude content available.

Site Link: In Real Life  A long long time ago… there were 4 or 5 Smoking Fetish Websites, way back before Broadband and IRL was one of those sites… and they are still here!  IRL is back in Ohio USA I believe or somewhere close (I remember talking with their original webmaster who was from Las Vegas and that’s where I got that information).  Anyhow it doesn’t matter.  IRL is the place to go for girl next door videos.  Do you fantasize about the neighbor girl, the college coed?  The girl that you wouldn’t expect to be a smoker?  The girl that works at the mall?  That’s the girls these guys work with… not super models, not 10’s (Although some are pretty damn cute), the girls next door.  And they also “get it”.  Definitely should be on your list.  Nude content available through sister site they link to which includes hardcore.

Site Link: Lady Madonna  LM is an interesting Story.  Mike (The Photographer/Videographer/Owner) is a good guy and a family man.  Yes many of us are Real People with real lives who just happen to enjoy watching beautiful women smoke.  Mike is one of these people.  I have reviewed many of his DVD’s in the past.  He works hard (It takes a lot of effort to produce content).  I really like what he has done over the years.  Unfortunately like many of us you can’t always pay all the bills with smoking fetish videos.  There is just so much free content out there now that everyone expects everything online to be free.  But Mike also has a way of keeping things going.  So visit his site, there are some really attractive girl next door types.  And his work is very good.  These are real smokers and some of them are just a pure joy to watch.  Mike also shoots portraits and landscape imagery.  Seattle Washing Based Photographer.  Minor Nudity.

Site Link: Specialized Videos  I have temporarily taken this link down as the site appears to be down.  Specialized is also from “Back in the Day” focusing on girl next door types.  USA Based.  I know the owner/producer has had some health issues in the past (Age and time get us all) so hopefully if this is the case he will make a return again.  This is not the first time.  When/if the site comes back up I’ll relink it.  I have really enjoyed their work in the past.

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