Ebony Smoking Princess

This is the story of my first experience with a woman of another race. She was
an exotic looking black girl that I first saw sitting at a local bar that I
frequented. She had very long straight hair and had a body that was awesome. She
was sitting at the bar sipping slowly on her drink and smoking a Virginia Slim.
Each time she took a drag on her cigarette I would watch lustfully as she
exhaled. The soft looking white smoke would flow across her pouty lips and into
the air in front of her face. After a few times of her exhaling I decided to
make an attempt at conversation with her. I had the bartender to make her
another of whatever she was having and when he placed it in front of her he
motioned in my direction. She looked at me and I tipped my glass at her and
smiled as she smiled back. She then took another drag of her cigarette and did a
French inhale and looked right at me as she slowly exhaled and then licked her
lips. I was a bit stunned to get this reaction but I was not a fool. I quickly
moved down the bar to sit beside her.

I introduced myself to her and learned that her name was Jackie and that she was
there alone. We talked for a little while and as we did she smoked a few more
cigarettes. Each time she would take a draw I would eagerly watch as she
exhaled. She finally looked at me and said, “So, you have a smoking fetish?” I
was a bit shocked at her question, but finally nodded my head yes as she exhaled
into my face. I moaned very softly as she did this and that is when she told me
that she too really enjoyed smoking a lot and that smoking while having sex was
what she liked most. I told her that I have always enjoyed watching women smoke
and that I had never thought of having sex with a woman while she smoked. I had
to admit that the thought of it really excited me, so much so that my prick
stirred some in my pants at the thought of it.

She then did something that made me become extremely aroused. She took a very
long and deep drag on her Virginia Slim and then French inhaled. Then She leaned
toward me and placed her lips on mine and then as we started kissing she exhaled
softly and the smoke flowed from her lungs and out of her mouth to be deposited
into mine. Being a non-smoker I coughed and tried to pull away. She grabbed my
head and held me tight to her. Our lips were held tight together as she finally
exhaled all the acrid smoke into my mouth. She pulled back and I exhaled and
realized that my cock had become very erect. She smiled at me and asked me if I
enjoyed it. I nodded yes and she kind of giggled and then leaned forward and
kissed me on the cheek and whispered into my ear, “Want to go somewhere more
private and experiment some more. I told her yes, of course, and we left the bar
and went to my car. Once in the car we started making out heavily, she would
inhale and then kiss me passionately, exhaling into my mouth. This turned me on
tremendously and I suggested that we go somewhere where we could get more
comfortable. She agreed and I drove us to a nearby motel and got a room and
escorted her into it. Once inside she quickly turned to me and kissed me
savagely as I backed her toward the bed. Once we were on it she told me that I
have to undress her and then sit back and watch a few minutes before I could
enjoy her.

I gladly and eagerly undressed her and then took a seat at the foot of the bed
as she leaned over and took out another cigarette and lit it. She took a drag on
it and then lay back and exhaled straight up as she slowly ran her hand down
across her beautiful and voluptuous body. She pinched each of her nipples and
once they were erect she slowly moved her hand down her body across her sexy
tummy and still lower until she reached her aroused cunt. She moaned softly as
her fingers made contact with her little clit. As she stroked it I looked to her
face and watched as she took an amazingly deep drag on her cigarette and then
inhaled as she slid a finger into herself. She moaned deeply as the smoked
entered her lungs and her finger entered her cunt. I was very aroused and stood
and started to undress as this lovely Nubian princess pleasured herself right
before my eyes. She looked up as I removed my shirt and motion for me to come to
the side of the bed. I approached the right side of the bed and she sat up on
the side of it. This placed her face right at the same level as my now extremely
hard cock and she leaned her face forward and nuzzled it through my jeans. She
reached her hands up and slowly but expertly started to unbutton my pants and
she moaned softly as she reached inside them and felt my now hard prick. Once my
cock was free of its confines she stroked it slowly and looked up at me smiling.
She then took a drag on her cigarette and open mouth inhaled and then placed my
dick just inside her lips as she exhaled. The soft smoke curled around the head
of it as she finally wrapped her lips around the shaft and tongued the head.
This was so fucking hot, it made my cock throb wildly in her mouth and I
actually moaned loudly as I felt her tongue probe into the hole in the end of my

She slowly slid her lips down the length of my cock as she expertly used her
tongue to caress the underside. Once she had all of me in her mouth she caressed
my swollen balls with her left hand. She then slowly pulled up off my cock and
once it was completely free she again took another drag on her cigarette and
once more took me to the limits of her throat. The actual feeling was no
different than any other blowjob but the thought of that smoke in her mouth as
my cock slid through her lips drove me crazy. She knew this and continued to
smoke both her cigarette and my cock at the same time.

Finally she looked up and said, “Do you like?” As she said it she took another
drag and exhaled right on the head of my prick. This caused me to almost go over
the edge and she giggled as she said, “I guess you do!” I shudder as she
continues to stroke my cock and I warn her that I am very close to cumming. She
said, “Oh good, I want your cum in my mouth.” I moaned loudly as she once again
took another very large drag on the cigarette before locking her lips around the
head of my cock. That’s all I could handle and my cock finally exploded
massively inside her smoke filled mouth. She moaned louder and louder as each
spurt of my cum splashed to the back of her throat and then finally pooled on
her tongue. She kept her lips locked tight around my shaft as she expertly took
my entire load. She finally pulled off from of my now deflating cock, keeping
her lips tight to draw out any excess sperm that may have been inside the shaft,
letting it pop noisily from her mouth. She looks up at me as she swishes the
sperm and smoke around in her mouth before opening it wide so I can see the
contents. The smoke slowly clears as she holds her mouth open there and I see
the large gooey wads of sperm that coat her tongue. She wiggles her tongue a
little before closing her lips and then dramatically swallowing. I watch as she
forces the hot creamy load down her throat and into her belly. She moans softly
as she slowly stands and kisses me passionately; I can taste the smoke and my
seed on her lips as I return her kiss eagerly. She strokes my still hard cock as
we continue kissing heavily and after several more minutes we both fall onto the
bed and I move lower down her body to bury my face in her now very hot and wet

She spreads her sexy legs apart and gives me access to her cunt as she again
lights another cigarette. She drags on it as I slide my tongue up the entire
length of her pussy and across her little clit. The room is starting to fill
with a soft cloud of white smoke as I proceed to greedily lick and suck her
pussy like a madman. She moans louder and louder as I probe inside her cunt with
my talented tongue and in no time at all she is shaking extremely hard in a
violent orgasm. She actually smokes an entire cigarette in three drags as her
body quakes and quakes in climax and I find that I am extremely hard and ready
to put my cock inside this lovely black woman’s cunt and fuck her well. I move
up atop her and place my body between her legs and look down into her dark face
as she inhales deeply on her cigarette and then blows the smoke into my face.
This makes my cock throb and I slowly slide it forward into her as she takes
another drag. She inhales and pulls me to her as she wraps her legs around my
back and kisses me, exhaling strongly, as she grinds her body upward into mine.
This feels so fucking great that I suddenly slam forward and am rewarded by a
sudden blast of smoke into my mouth that she exhales from the sudden feeling of
my stiff cock plowing into her cunt.

I continue to pump my cock in and out of her tight but wet cunt as she continued
kissing and after a few minutes I had set up a very steady rhythm. My cock
pumping in and out of her cunt felt so good and the juices that her pussy was
depositing onto the shaft let me know that she was still climaxing over and over
and that her pussy was getting everything it wanted. She had amazing pussy
control and I groaned loudly as she flexed those muscles around the thick shaft
of my cock. We fucked like this for several more minutes before we both finally
again went over the edge and climaxed together. She dug her nails into my arms
bringing blood as I plowed as deeply into her cunt as I could and exploded. My
seed spilled into her womb as her orgasm started in her pussy and traveled
through her entire body. Her juices mixed with mine squelched out the sides of
her pussy as I continued to pump my prick in and out of her and after a very
long and wonderful orgasm we both subside in each other’s arms and kissed
heavily until we trembled no more. She lay there breathing heavy into my ear, my
cock still embedded inside her, and reaching over to the nightstand she takes
another cigarette out and lights it and locks her lips to mine in a kiss that
makes my cock start to stir once more. She exhales into my mouth as my prick
starts to again stiffen inside of her. She moans and says, “That’s a good boy,
make that cock hard for me baby!” I start to slowly grind my hips in little
circles, my cock making her cunt again start to quiver as we once again started
to make love. She smoked the entire time we fucked and the room was completely
filled with acrid smoke before we were through. It was a very erotic night and I
found that fucking a smoking woman is one of the greatest things that could ever
have happened to me. I kissed her some more as she exhaled into me and once
again I become erect and we start again. This goes on and on into the night,
finally finishing up as the sun rose the next day. We exchanged numbers and we
meet often for a night of very erotic smoking sex.

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