Coherent Light

Coherent Light Photography Smoking Fetish

Coherent Light Photography Smoking Fetish

Coherent Light has been around a very long time; in fact they might be one of the first 2 or 3 Smoking Fetish sites on the Internet.

While the Colight Website looks like it is in desperate need of an update, the content inside will appeal to a specific kind of smoking fetish voyeur.  Think of it as the seedy looking bar on the outside with the kinky twisted girls you are drawn to on the inside.  Known for putting the “Fetish” in Smoking Fetish.  If you are into forced smoking, domination, BSDM, etc. then you’ll probably want to give this a look.

The models are not always nude, and not always the most pleasing to the eye, but this is definitely adult content. This is hardcore smoking fetish!

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